New York Crossings

New York is a site of intersection for artists from all around the world, a site of crossings and cultural exchanges. This Theme explores the work of various artists and collectives relating to the time they have spent in New York, either passing through or settled in the city.  Their art practices reflect the sociopolitical realities of the second half of the twentieth century as well as the challenges of living in the city. The intermingling of the various discourses allows new associations and connections and encourages diversified viewpoints to the common urban experience. MoMA as a pivotal point in the city becomes a site of confluence of creative minds, promoting dialogue between the metropolis and global narratives.

Baltic Exile and Emigrant Communities: Hell’s Kitchen Collective in New York

Andra Silapētere introduces two key figures of the Hell’s Kitchen group of Latvian exile artists in New York. The work of the group will be featured in an exhibition at James Gallery of the CUNY Graduate Center as part of a series of exhibitions on Latvian emigrant artistic communities, Portable Landscapes, organized by the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art.