Andra Silapētere

Curator, Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art

Andra Silapētere is a curator at the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art (LCCA) where she currently programs and curates the international research and exhibition project Portable Landscapes about Latvian migration and exilic art throughout the twentieth century. In the framework of the project she co-curated the exhibition Portable Landscapes at the Latvian National Museum of Art (2018) and is now preparing the exhibitions Portable Landscapes: Unweaving the Iron Curtain at the District Berlin and Portable Landscapes: Hell’s Kitchen at the James Gallery in New York, both scheduled for 2019. Other selected exhibitions include: Twofold. Kaspars Groševs and Jānis Borgs at the Latvian National Museum of Art (2017), Lost in the Archive and the international symposium “Lost and Found in the Archive” at the Riga Art Space (together with Inga Lāce, 2016). Silapētere has also been the project manager and curator of the LCCA’s Summer School (2014 -2016). Since 2012 she is editor of the LCCA’s publication series: Series of important works in the field of aesthetics, art and culture theory translated and published in Latvian.

Silapētere earned her BA and MA at the Art Academy of Latvia and now is preparing her PhD thesis on Latvian exile art in the U.S. (1948-1991). Silapēteres’ field of research and interest include exile and migration topics in art as well as aspects of identity and belonging.