Wong Binghao

C-MAP Asia Fellow

Approaching art curatorially, Wong Binghao eclectically constellates and mediates ideas, genres, scenes, and devotions. Generating contextually specific, conceptually capacious, and emotionally available readings of art in the hope of a more expansive, ethical experience of culture, this practice adapts to various forms, including but not limited to publication (Indifferent Idols 2018, nominal bliss 2019, forthcoming 2021), public program, exhibition, workshop, and essay. They write for artist books, exhibition catalogues, and specialist publications including Artforum, Frieze, TextWork Pernod Ricard, Philippine Contemporary Art Network, and Southeast of Now. Recently, they served as Evaluator for the 2020 Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant and presented their research at Bergen Kunsthall, Jakarta Biennale 2021, and the Gender in Southeast Asian Art Histories: Art, Digitality, Canon-making? Symposium.


Transversal Orientations

Hinged on the transversal as a means to engage with and envision new networks and ways of thinking about modern and contemporary art, the 2021 C-MAP seminar series offered an exploration and interrogation of the intertwining of multiple coeval life-worlds through concepts of “extending across.” Included here are abstracts and recordings of the four panels held on Zoom on June 2, 3, 9, and 10.

A Version of Reality: Conversation with Daniel Lie

To uncomplicatedly enunciate and hyphenate the manifold concentrations of Daniel Lie’s practice would be to miss the artist’s durational engagement with their complexities. Intimately coiled, these lifelong preoccupations are at the heart of the artist’s experience of the world.

True Jesters

In an effort to consider the variegated impacts of COVID-19, post has interviewed curators and directors from vital institutions around the world about how the pandemic has affected their conceptions and practices of programming, civic engagement, and care.