Wong Binghao

C-MAP Asia Fellow

Wong Binghao is a writer, editor, mediator, and cultural worker. Their practice is concerned with research-forward collaborations with artists and cultural practitioners to develop vocabularies, visual manifestations, and unexpected dialogues that gesture toward representational accountability and ethical, expansive artistic practice. They write for artist books, exhibition catalogues, and a variety of publications including Artforum, Frieze, Leap, Textwork, and Southeast of Now. Their series of online publications (Indifferent Idols 2018, nominal bliss 2019, and forthcoming 2021), puts in conversation contemporary artists of non-binary and trans experience, thinkers, practitioners, and designers to generate contextually specific and conceptually capacious readings of art.


True Jesters

In an effort to consider the variegated impacts of COVID-19, post has interviewed curators and directors from vital institutions around the world about how the pandemic has affected their conceptions and practices of programming, civic engagement, and care.