Nancy Dantas

C-MAP Africa Fellow

Nancy Dantas is an exhibition histories and visual studies scholar. Her research interests pivot on rethinking and reengaging archives within the decolonial present. Since 2000, she has worked interdiscursively as an educator, curator, writer, collections manager and translator. As a lecturer, she has sought to encourage students to scour material in the archives and think of history materially, as deposited and scattered, in ruins, whilst simultaneously valuing the re-membered through the living and practicing worker and artist.


Transversal Orientations Part II: C-MAP Seminar

The 2022 C-MAP seminar series, Transversal Orientations Part II, was held on Zoom across four panels on May 25 and 26, 2022. Included here are abstracts and recordings of the panels. The seminar series was organized by Nancy Dantas, C-MAP Africa Fellow; Inga Lāce, C-MAP Central and Eastern Europe Fellow; Madeline Murphy Turner, Former Cisneros Institute Research Fellow for Latin America, and Wong Binghao, C-MAP Asia Fellow.

Transversal Orientations

Hinged on the transversal as a means to engage with and envision new networks and ways of thinking about modern and contemporary art, the 2021 C-MAP seminar series offered an exploration and interrogation of the intertwining of multiple coeval life-worlds through concepts of “extending across.” Included here are abstracts and recordings of the four panels held on Zoom on June 2, 3, 9, and 10.