Luçjan Bedeni

Director, Marubi National Photography Museum, Albania

Luçjan Bedeni is an artist and the director of Marubi National Photography Museum. He started his studies at Artistic Liceum Prenkë Jakova in Shkodër, and continued at the Academy of Arts in Tirana where he received his MA in painting. He was awarded the prize Ardhje ’09 for young visual artists and did a residency at the International Studies and Curatorial Program (ISCP) in New York. He was a professor of Painting and Art History at the University of Shkodra (2011-2014). He curated the exhibition Manipulation (2017) and Nenshati: A Witness Between Two Epochs (2018, co-curated with Lek Gjeloshi) at the Marubi Museum. He is a Ph.D. candidate in Albanian Art History at the Center of Albanological Studies. His thesis on the Marubi Photo Studio is shedding light on new facts about the history of photography in Albania. Bedeni lives and works in Shkodër.