Zdenka Badovinac

Director of the Moderna Galerija (Museum of Contemporary Art) in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Zdenka Badovinac is a curator and art critic who has served as Director to the Moderna Galerija (Museum of Modern Art) in Ljubljana since 1993. In her work, she highlights the difficult processes of redefining history alongside different avant-garde traditions within contemporary art. Badovinac’s first exhibition to address these issues was Body and the East-From the 1960s to the Present (1998). She also initiated the first Eastern European art collection, 2000+ Arteast Collection. Her most recent book is Comradeship: Curating, Art, and Politics in Post-Socialist Europe (ICI, 2019).


Post-Catastrophic Museums of Care

In an effort to consider the variegated impacts of COVID-19—a virus with a global reach—post interviewed Zdenka Badovinac about how the pandemic has affected conceptions and practices of programming, civic engagement, and care.