Zamansele Nsele

Dr. Zamansele Nsele is an art historian and lecturer of cultural studies at the University of Johannesburg. She obtained her Ph.D. at Rhodes University, where she previously taught Art History and Visual Culture. In 2019, Nsele was selected to participate in the CAA-Getty International Program. Her writing has appeared in the Journal of Asian and African Studies, English in Africa, The Mail & Guardian and The Journalist.


Gladys Mgudlandlu Painted Land(e)scapes that Bent the Genre to Her Will

If landlessness is another condition that transforms Africans into wanderers, with nothing but their labor to sell for a pittance, then the genre of landscape painting in South Africa represents a space-time of possession and dispossession. Implicit in Gladys Mgudlandlu’s landscapes is a reminder of how the ownership of land has historically epitomized South African nationhood.