Tamás St.Auby

Tamás St.Auby (also known as Szentjóby, Stjauby, Emmy / Emily Grant, St. Aubsky, T. Taub etc.) was born in Fót, Hungary and lives in Budapest.He began his non-art-art activity with the end of his art activities – in 1966 he wrote his “last metaphysical poem.” Since then, he has created an extensive oeuvre made up of actions, happenings, objects, concrete/visual/action-poems, images, compositions, sculptures, photos, videos, mail art, email art, etc. In 1968, he founded the International Parallel Union of Telecommunication (IPUT). In 1969, he organized the first Fluxus concert in Budapest.


Conversation: Katalin Ladik and Tamás St.Auby with Jon Hendricks

A major new publication, Art and Theory of Post-1989 Central and Eastern Europe: A Critical Anthology, presents key voices of this period that have been reevaluating the significance of the socialist legacy, making it an indispensable read on modern and contemporary art and theory. The following dialogue belongs to a series of conversations between artists and members of the C-MAP research group for Central and Eastern Europe at MoMA.