Kathleen Ditzig

Kathleen Ditzig is a Singaporean researcher and curator. She is currently pursuing her PhD at NTU ADM. Her research focuses on exhibition histories of Southeast Asia and unpacks the enduring legacies and networks of the Cold War in cultural production. She also researches Southeast Asian contemporary art practices in relation to a global history of capitalism.

As a curator and researcher, she is invested in advancing and interrogating art as an exceptional site and system of speaking to power. Beyond contributing to artist catalogues and making exhibitions, Ditzig’s art historical research on Southeast Asia and Singapore has been published in Southeast of Now (NUS Press, 2017), as well as presented at international academic conferences and platforms. Her writing has also been published by Afterall, Artforum, OSMOS magazine, Art Agenda, Art Review Asia and Flash Art.

Her ongoing collaborative research exhibitions and projects include offshoreart.co (with Robin Lynch and Debbie Ding) and Afro-Southeast Asian Affinities (with Carlos Quijon Jr.). She recently co-curated the exhibition Art Histories of A Forever War: Modernism between Space and Home with Fang Tze Hsu at the Taipei Fine Art Museum.