Iliana Veinberga

Iliana Veinberga (born 1984) graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia, Department of Art History and Cultural Theory (BA 2006, MA 2009). Her professional activity is related to the history of industrial art/design in Latvia in the second half of the twentieth century; her range of interests includes architectural, visual, and applied art phenomena, in so far as they are related to industrial culture. She has been head collection curator at the Riga Porcelain Museum since 2012, and since 2021, has also served as museum director. She worked on The European Project: Ceramics and Its Dimensions (2014–18); undertook research for the exhibitions I Remember, Therefore I Am. Unwritten Stories: Women Artists’ Archives (2019–20) and History of the Art Products Factory “Māksla” (2021– ); and aided in the preparation of several exhibition publications, including Synergy: Contemporary Trends in Metal Art and Design (2017), Industrial Romanticism: Porcelain by Beatrise Karklina (2018), and Porcelain Stories: Memories of Riga Porcelain Factory Employees (2020). In addition to her academic pursuits, Iliana supports the work of various individual artists and community organizations, including the “room9” exhibition space within the “Free Riga” project, the radio show Lejasmeijere, Vivianna Maria Stanislavska’s publication Porno / Intimacy, Rasa Jansone, Skuja Braden, Anda Munkevica, Verners Lazdāns, and Romāns Korovins, among others.