Gaëlle Choisne

Gaëlle Choisne (1985, FR) lives and works between Paris and Berlin.

Sensitive to contemporary issues, Gaëlle Choisne’s practice takes into account the
complexity of the world, its political and cultural disorder, whether it be the over-
exploitation of nature, its resources, or the vestiges of colonial history, where Creole esoteric traditions, myths and popular cultures mingle.

Her projects are conceived as ecosystems of sharing and collaboration, pockets of «resistance» where new possibilities are created, notably with the «Temple of Love» project. Initiated from Roland Barthes’ original essay on love, «Fragments d’un discours amoureux» (1977), Gaëlle Choisne adds a political dimension to the concept of love by paying homage to invisible bodies, minority and fragile souls, and
dispossessed hearts. «Temple of love » is an evolutionary project defining itself
through its modes of appearance and genesis according to its invitations and its

The works/installations of Gaëlle Choisne have been exhibited in many institutions:
Centrale Powerhouse (Montreal), CAFA Museum (Beijing), Pera Museum (Istanbul), MAM – Musée d’art moderne de Paris, Musée Fabre (Montpellier), Zacheta Gallery (Warsaw), The Mistake Room (Los Angeles), Bétonsalon (Paris), Gr_und project space (Berlin), MAMO – Centre d’art de la Cité radieuse de Marseille, La Villette x Pompidou, Centre d’art contemporain La Halle des bouchers (Vienne), Musée archéologique Henri-Prade (Lattes), Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon.

She has also participated in a number of biennials and triennial: 5th New Museum
Triennial (2021), 11th International Biennial of Contemporary Art (GIBCA), 13th International Biennial of Lyon (2015), 12th Havana Biennial (2015), Sharjah Biennial 13 (2017) and 14th Curitiba Biennial (2017).

She has been part of many residency programs in France and internationally such as Bethanian-KW (Berlin), the Rijksakademie (Amsterdam), Atelier Van Lieshout (Rotterdam), the Cité Internationale des Arts de Paris and OPTICA; Art3 Valence (Montreal).

In 2021 she is the recipient of the Aware Prize. In 2019 she is nominated for the
Ricard Foundation Prize and the Sam Art Project. She’s currently presenting a long-term project at the Palais de la Porte Dorée, the first part of which is entitled
Monument aux Vivant.e.s – CHOC, and a carte blanche at MACVAL.

Gaëlle Choisne is represented by the galleries Air de Paris, Romainville (FR) and
Nicoletti Contemporary, London (UK).