Fujii Aki

Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

東京都現代美術館学芸員。 1993年学習院大学大学院人文科学研究科博士前期課程修了。世田谷美術館非常勤学芸員を経て、1995年より東京都現代美術館学芸員。同館で「横尾忠則 森羅万象」展(2002年)、「中村宏|図画事件 1953-2007」展(2007年)等に携わったほか、2010年より常設展示「MOTコレクション」にて、「クロニクル-戦後日本美術を見直す」シリーズを継続中。専門は、戦後日本美術。

Fujii Aki earned a doctorate from the Graduate School of Humanities at Gakushuin University, Tokyo in 1993. After serving as part-time curator at the Setagaya Art Museum, she became a curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo (MOT) in 1995. There she has been involved in mounting exhibitions such as Yokoo Tadanori: All Things in the Universe (2002) and Nakamura Hiroshi: Pictorial Disturbances 1953-2007 (2007). Since 2010, Ms. Fujii has been curator of Chronicle: A Revision of Post-War Japanese Art, an ongoing exhibition series featuring works from the museum’s permanent MOT Collection. Her area of specialization is post-war Japanese art.