Claire Tancons

Curator and Art Historian

Claire Tancons is a curator and scholar invested in the discourse and practice of the postcolonial politics of production and exhibition. For the last decade, Tancons has charted a distinct curatorial and scholarly path in performance, inflecting global art historical genealogies with African diasporic aesthetics as well as decentring and othering curatorial methodologies as part of a wider reflection on global conditions of cultural production. The processional performances that have become a hallmark of her practice have transformed iconic public spaces into sites of participatory experiments and civic interventions. Since 2008, Tancons has curated for established and emerging international biennials. She was recently a co-curator (with Johanna Auguiac) of the first edition of Tout-Monde, Caribbean Contemporary Arts Festival, Miami (2018–2019), and was recently one of the curators (with Zoe Butt and Omar Kholeif) of the Sharjah Biennial 14: Leaving the Echo Chamber (2019).