Chanon Kenji Praepipatmongkol

Chanon Kenji Praepipatmongkol is a Curator at Singapore Art Museum and visiting lecturer at the National University of Singapore. His work focuses on modern and contemporary art, in relation to issues that cut across the study of media, religion, and environment. He has held fellowships at Tate Britain and Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, where he curated Fragments of a Crucifixion (2019). Most recently, his article “David Medalla: Dreams of Sculpture” (2020) was awarded the Oxford Art Journal essay prize. He earned a PhD from the University of Michigan, with research on histories of abstraction in Southeast Asia.


From Marketplace to Moral Economy

Collectivity, economics, gender, and spirituality converge in this meticulous reading of Philippine modern artist Anita Magsaysay-Ho’s painting, In the Marketplace. Skirting the ease of performative, atomized, or biographical takes on the subjects at hand, the writer primes instead a broader proposal for latency.