post Presents: The Artist as Activist

Artists can be activists but can art be activism? C-MAP presents a forum at the Museum of Modern Art with Coco Fusco, Oleksiy Radynski, and Ram Rahman—artists who have all engaged with activist practices—who discuss relations between art and politics in Cuba, Ukraine, and India.

Coco Fusco is an interdisciplinary artist and writer who combines performance and media in a variety of formats. She currently serves as the Andrew Banks Endowed Chair at the College of Arts at the University of Florida.

Oleksiy Radynski is a filmmaker and writer based in Kiev, Ukraine. He is a member of Visual Culture Research Center, an initiative for art, knowledge, and politics founded in Kiev in 2008.

Ram Rahman is a photojournalist, artist, curator, designer, and activist, and co-founder of the Sahmat Collective, which was founded in 1989 in New Delhi, India. The collective is a platform for exchanging ideas and voicing resistance.

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