Timea Junghaus

Tímea Junghaus is an art historian and contemporary art curator, and the Executive Director of the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture in Berlin. Previously, Junghaus was Research Fellow of the Working Group for Critical Theories at the Institute for Art History at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2010–2017). She was the founding director of Gallery8—Roma Contemporary Art Space (www.gallery8.org) in Budapest (2013–2017) and the winner of the 2014 Catalyst Contemporary Art Award (of Tranzit Hungary).


Incommensurability and Untranslatability

The move to diversify art historical narratives is often accompanied by a search for commonalities. Instead addressing a need to acknowledge radical difference and untranslatability, each presenter in this panel approached the question of the incommensurable, interrogating tensions between a global approach and site-specific study.