Tamarra (b. Tasikmalaya, West Java, 1989) is a self-taught artist who is now studying at the University of Sanata Dharma, Yogyakarta, majoring in history. Tamarra moved to Yogyakarta in 2008 and worked as a street busker until 2013. Between 2011-2013, Tamarra joined an arts project titled Makcik Project which initiated a personal work in the field of visual arts. Tamarra’s works discusses the issues of gender and sexuality, the histories of transgender in Indonesia, religion and humanity. Tamarra has been involved in various arts projects and exhibitions, among them (selected): Ancient MSG (2015) at Gertrude Contemporary, Australia, Unsung Museum (2016-2017) at Roh Projects in Jakarta and Ruang Gerilya (Bandung); ‘Calabai Janggeng’, a collaborative research presentation with Emma Frankland on Bissu, commissioned by British Council 2019 and Biennale Jogja XV – Ekuator #5: ‘Do we live in the same playground?’ (2019).


Hello, My Name Is Tamarra

Artist and community organizer Tamarra reflects on the personal experiences, emotional complexities, socio-political events, and pilgrimages to non-binary communities across Indonesia that motivated Tamarra’s name change.