Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss

Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss is a research architect born in 1967 in Yugoslavia and now lives and works in New York. He started as a swimmer with a degree in mathematics. Today he practices non-standard architecture working on special projects in spatial and visual cultures. He founded NAO.NYC for research architecture and exhibitions based in New York and co-founded SMS (School of Missing Studies) for conceptual urban studies. His PhD on Architecture of Balkanization is from Goldsmiths Centre for Research Architecture. He lectures worldwide in museums, universities and public venues and he is frequent visiting professor at Columbia, Cornell, Penn and Harvard. Currently he is Associate Professor at Spitzer School of Architecture at CUNY’s City College. He was also head of research for Herzog & de Meuron Architects in Basel. His art & architecture practice involves working with Ai Weiwei, Robert Wilson, Marjetica Potrc and Jenny Holzer as well as curating and designing exhibitions such as Romancing True Power: D20 with Nina Khruscheva, on dictators proliferation held at The New School as well as Anne Tyng: Inhabiting Geometry held at the ICA Philadelphia and Graham Foundation in Chicago.


Socialist Architecture: The Reappearing Act

The following excerpt is from Socialist Architecture: The Reappearing Act, published in Berlin by The Green Box in 2017. A collaboration between the architect Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss and the photographer Armin Linke—supported by the Graham Foundation—the book introduces the concept of an “architecture of Balkanization” and explores textually and visually what that might be in the landscape of the decentralized socialist society of Yugoslavia.