Paulina Pardo Gaviria

Paulina Pardo Gaviria is an art historian who specializes in modern and contemporary art of the Americas. Her scholarship focuses on the development of contemporary art under dictatorship in Brazil and examines the introduction of experimental artistic and curatorial strategies beginning in the 1970s. Her current book project, based on her dissertation, is the first substantial study of the work of Letícia Parente. It examines how the specifics of Parente’s political and artistic context provoked her to position her work at the intersection of advocacy for women’s rights, scientific paradigms, and newly-available image reproduction technologies. In 2020, Paulina received her PhD from the History of Art and Architecture department at the University of Pittsburgh, where she was the recipient of an Andrew W. Mellon pre-doctoral fellowship.


Letícia Parente’s Video In (1975) in Context

The black-and-white video In, created by Brazilian artist Letícia Parente in 1975, reveals a complex artistic practice. Widely distributed in recent years and now in MoMA’s collection, the two-minute video depicts Parente entering a closet and hanging up her sweater without first removing it from her body. This essay demonstrates how In is an artistic response to the social and political oppression experienced by women living under a patriarchal dictatorship.