Jerónimo Atehortúa

Jerónimo Atehortúa is a film director and producer born in Medellín. He graduated from the Universidad del Cine, Argentina, and holds an MFA from the Film Factory at the Sarajevo Film Academy, a program directed by the Hungarian filmmaker Béla Tarr. Atehortúa also holds a law degree from the Universidad Externado de Colombia. For several years, he worked as a film critic for various specialized media outlets. He has directed several short films, including Deán Funes 841, Becerra, La emboscadura, Rekonstrukcija, and Las ruinas. He has produced films such as Federico Atehortúa’s Pirotecnia, on which he was also co-screenwriter, and Mercedes Gaviria’s Como el cielo después de llover. His debut feature film, Mudos testigos (Silent Witnesses), co-directed with Luis Ospina, premiered at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam in 2023 and will be the opening film at FICValdivia 2023. In 2009, his book Aproximación a los estudios de cine y derecho (An Approach to Film and Law Studies) was published by Universidad Externado. In 2020, he published his book Los cines por venir (The Cinemas to Come), which was edited in Colombia, Spain, and Argentina. He has also worked as a teacher in educational institutions in Colombia, Argentina, and Cuba. Atehortúa is a founding partner of Invasión cine, a Colombian independent film collective/production company whose works focus on the tradition of Colombian cinema. His films are produced with an alternative system, focusing on the crossroads of archive and fiction.


post Presents: Unsettled Dust—Archives, Epistemologies, Images

These presentations and panel discussion at MoMA brought together four filmmakers and artists who work in expanded documentary modes, using existing footage, archival research, interviews, and scripted narratives to produce imaginative accounts of transnational struggles, solidarities, and interventions. Using moving images, some of these practitioners interrogate the anti-colonial and anti-imperialist movements of the mid-late 20th…