Da Hyung Jeong

Da Hyung Jeong is a 2019-20 Mellon-Marron Museum Research Consortium Fellow at the Museum of Modern Art. His doctoral dissertation, titled Soviet Postmodernism Between Historicity and Urbanity, 1977-1991, is being supervised by Professor Jean-Louis Cohen at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. He has given conference talks on a wide variety of topics including the international legacy of Superstudio’s radical design, the convergence between postmodernism and a politicized regionalism in the architecture of the Soviet ‘peripheries’ and references to Japanese Metabolism in late Soviet architecture. His essay “The First World War and Nationalist Primitivism in Russian Architecture,” analyzing the use of architecture as war propaganda, will appear in States of Emergency: Architecture, Urbanism, and the First World War, which is forthcoming with Leuven University Press.